January 27, 2012

Construction Erosion Sediment Control Inspection-Temporary Drainage System

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Temporary construction erosion and sediment control means managing storm water until the permanent storm system is operational and the site has been stabilized with vegetation, concrete, asphalt, landscaping and other practices.

January 20, 2012

Hydroseeding on Blanket Instead of Under Not the Best

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This is not the best way to get grass growing. The seed sits on the blanket which is a quarter to half inch above the soil. Since the seed needs to be in contact with the soil to have the best chance of growing, this will reduce the quantity of grass that grows. In a ditch, the more grass the better. The best way is to hydroseed first and then install the blanket.

January 13, 2012

Rain on Roughened Slope Causes Slump of Eroded Mud into Ditch

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Last week’s video showed how a creative contractor constructed a slope tracking excavator bucket. This video shows the effect of a little rain on the slope. This is why the contractor didn’t want to use a heavy piece of equipment to track the slope as they knew that the slope would unravel from being too wet and having a relatively high silt content.

January 6, 2012

Creative Contractor Makes Slope Tracking Excavator Bucket

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Leave it to the contractor to come up with creative solutions. Confronted with a small, steep slope and wet soil, the contractor didn’t want to risk walking a small caterpiller up and down to roughen it before hydroseeding. Using some angle iron and an excavator bucket, they welded up a slope tracker. The operator tamps the slope with the bucket just like they are compacting the slope. This is the result.

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