Sheetflow Construction Erosion and Sediment Control

January 21, 2020

Construction Fence

Photo: David Jenkins

Placing construction fence on both sides of a stabilized construction entrance keeps vehicles from taking shortcuts and dragging mud from work areas onto the rock.

October 6, 2019

Construction Entrance Fail

This is a 30 + acre site with one access point, this one. If this was my project, I would have specified a tire wash with an asphalt exit to the street. The tire wash would have been long enough for two tire rotations, have high pressure, low volume nozzles located such that all tire surfaces were sprayed. This system would also have an on-board, treatment polymer injection system to keep the tire wash water relatively clean. I would have specified that the water be tested for turbidity daily, measured at 50 NTUs or less. Since the water is classified as “process water”, I would have required it to be tested for metals and other contaminants, then hauled to an appropriate disposal facility.
Photo: David Jenkins

December 11, 2016

Rocked Construction Entrance?

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