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June 10, 2010

Fugitive Dust Control for Truck Drivers


  • Wet loads with a fire hose.
  • Ensure adequate freeboard.
  • Cover loads.
  • Reduce speed on unpaved haul roads to less than 15 mph.
  • Stay on gravel haul roads.
  • Stay on paved haul roads.
  • Avoid driving through mud and wet soil.
  • Brush off mud from wheels, wheel wells, running boards and tail gates.
  • Wash wheels and inner fender wells immediately prior to exiting. Use a tire wash if available.
  • Call the truck boss for vacuum sweeper or water truck if you see trackout or visible dust.

FROM: Guide to Handling Fugitive Dust from Construction Projects, AGC of WA Ed. Foundation. 1997
MODIFIED for the WEB: David S. Jenkins, 2/2009

Download: Guide to Handling Fugitive Dust from Construction Projects.PDF

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