Sheetflow Erosion & Sediment Control Heavy Civil Construction

March 2, 2015

Diverting Clean Water Away From Work Area Part 1

The less dirty water you have to manage the less cost and hassle to your project. One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep water out of your project is to identify areas that drain clean water into the project, such as from asphalt roadways, parking lots, roof drainage, etc. and divert the water away. The rule is “Keep Clean Water Clean”. Once clean water enters your construction site and becomes dirty, you “own” it. Sometimes, the only way to keep the clean water clean is to use berms, sand bags, pipes or other material to contain, divert and convey the water. In this case, the contractor made the decision to hold off demolishing the existing curb and gutter until the new, widened section was nearly completed with the new curb and gutter installed, then waited until they had a few dry days to remove the old curb and pave the first lift of asphalt. This reduced the volume of dirty water they had to collect and treat with chemicals, which in turn saved them money.

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