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October 28, 2021

Projects from the Black Lagoon-Halloween Special

Title: Projects from the Black Lagoon-Halloween Special

About: We’ve all had them- projects with endless problems, projects that never seem to end- The HORRORS!, the sleepless nights, the unannounced visits by regulators. Since this is Halloween Week, let’s re-live the terror and the nightmares as Dave Jenkins, CPESC reviews some past failed projects, every, last, awful detail. Think of it as free therapy!

Presenter: Dave Jenkins, CPESC Dave has worked in construction erosion control for over 27 years. He recently retired after 22 years as the Port of Seattle Erosion Control/Stormwater Engineer. Prior to the Port, he was the WSDOT Statewide Erosion Control Coordinator, responsible for developing and implementing their first contractor erosion control certification program. All of Dave’s experience is in heavy civil, public works construction, primarily seaport, airport and roadway infrastructure.

Date: 2021 October 27, 12:15 to12:45pm

Organization: Pacific Northwest Chapter-International Erosion Control Association


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