Sheet Flow Construction Erosion Control

November 17, 2020

Silt Fence Here?

Photo: David Jenkins

Would I put silt fence here? I would not. The work involves installing an 8 inch ductile water line to a property up the hill. The connection to service is at the left orange cone. The other orange cones are located on the backfilled excavation. I would have specified a gravel berm, asphalt berm, burlap fence, orange construction fence, or a combination.

October 21, 2020

Perimeter Controls Presentation

I am giving a presentation on Perimeter Controls: Non-standard Practices for Managing Water and Sediment today at noon. Go to Erosion and Sediment Control Association- British Columbia for information and to sign up. It’s only 10 bucks.

Description-Silt fence is not the only perimeter control BMP option. It is not the best option in many situations. In this presentation, I will discuss when silt fence makes sense, when it doesn’t, what other options are available.

July 6, 2020

Perimeter Control BMPs

Photo: David Jenkins

The contractor is using silt fence and an asphalt berm as perimeter control BMPs. They are containing all sediment and water within the project. When it rains, the contractor pumps stormwater runoff to an on-site treatment system, which uses chitosan-enhanced sand filtration.

March 27, 2020

Triangular Silt Dike Construction Entrance

Photo: David Jenkins

We had two goals: (1) keep dirty site water from draining off site and into the existing storm system; (2) allow access to the project for deliveries. Working together with the contractor, we decided that an asphalt berm alone wouldn’t provide enough protection and if installed thick enough to provide protection, wouldn’t allow for trucks to access the site. We also knew that Triangular Silt Dikes (TSDs) could be driven over but would tend to move if not secured to the existing asphalt. Solution: use both; TSDs to provide adequate protection from site discharges and the asphalt berm to secure the TSD flap to the existing asphalt. This worked well and required little maintenance.

January 31, 2020

Water Diversion

Video: David Jenkins

In this video, I show how an asphalt berm can be used to create a water diversion. This is useful for keeping site water inside and clean water out of the project.

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