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September 17, 2020

Compost Sock Catch Basin Berm

Photo: David Jenkins

This compost sock catch basin berm works well as it is heavy enough to stick to the asphalt. Note the tear and I would keep an eye on it during inspections.

September 16, 2020

30 mil PVC

Photo: David Jenkins

Catch Basin Covered with 30 mil PVC – This catch basin in a live storm system sits right in the middle of an actively worked area. Plugging the discharge pipe wasn’t possible due to depth and access of the manhole. The solution is placing heavy 30 mil PVC liner material under the grate then telling all of the workers that they are not to poke holes in it when the area floods from rain.

September 15, 2020

Stockpile Cover and Berm

photo: David Jenkins

For this stockpile cover and berm application, I think the contractor could have used a few more sand bags.

September 9, 2020

Berm for Quarry Spalls

Quarry Spalls. Photo: David Jenkins

This would not have been my choice as a berm for quarry spalls; straw wattles are too light to use on asphalt and they allow water to flow under them. A compost sock, being heavy, would work better, though, they are prone to tearing. An asphalt berm might be best here.

September 8, 2020

Biodegradable Wattles

I wrote this biodegradable wattles specification for a riverbank habitat restoration project. This can be modified to make it specific for other types of projects. The reference to WSDOT works for Washington state only. The last three sentences are written for this particular project which has a 2:1 slope above the river. We will be placing 12 inches of compost before native plants are installed this winter. Without the wattles, wet compost will slide to the base of the slope.


  1. Wattles shall consist of 100% biodegradable straw, coir, excelsior or compost encased in 100% biodegradable fabric or mesh.
  2.  Wattles shall be a minimum of 8 inches in diameter free of cuts tears and damage.
  3. The installation of straw wattles shall be per WSDOT Standard Plan I-30.30-00 “Wattle Installation on Slope”.
  4. Wattles shall be staked in place using wooden stakes a minimum of 16 inches long.  The stakes shall be cut flush with the top of the wattles.
  5. Wattles shall be installed on the Site 25 slope above +12 elevation.
  6. Wattles shall be installed in two rows across the slope parallel to the 12 + elevation. 
  7. Rows shall be approximately 7 feet above the +12 elevation and 7 feet below the top of the slope.

September 7, 2020

Trash Bag Catch Basin Cover

Photo: David Jenkins

In an emergency, a heavy duty trash bag can provide catch basin protection until a more permanent BMP is installed.

September 3, 2020

Source of the Foam-Dewatering

Photo: David Jenkins

The contractor has to dewater to dig an excavation for an electrical duct bank-the water table is high. The soil is mildly contaminated so all of the water has to be treated in a Chitosan-enhanced Sand Filtration (CESF) system with granular activated carbon (GAC) before discharge to the waterway. The contractor set the well points, hooked them up to the pump but not the CESF system. So, water went directly onto the ground from the pump and into the nearest catch basin. The foam is from the silt in the soil that has been aerated by the pump.

September 2, 2020

Why is There Foam Around the Catch Basin?

Photo: David Jenkins

Why is there foam around the catch basin? I will give the answer tomorrow.

September 1, 2020

Compost Sock Damage

Photo: David Jenkins

Compost socks won’t take hard use. Constant movement and driving on them tears them up so they should be used in areas that don’t get much traffic or at the base of fence and jersey barriers.

August 31, 2020

Close Call Cut in Half

Photo: David jenkins?

Close Call Cut in Half

While driving pile, one hit a soft pocket and the pile “ran” 20 feet or so. The hammer came down, nothing there to hit, cable holding the pile driving hammer broke, the hammer fell, hit an excavator boom, bounced off and hit the boat.

The pile buck in the boat, having quick reflexes and a clean change of boxers, jumped into the bay just in time; no one hurt.

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