Sheetflow Erosion Control Erosion Control for the CESCL

April 17, 2020

Construction Inspection-Container Crane Rail Removal

Photo: David Jenkins

We are upgrading the dock to handle larger container ships so, the old cranes, and rails that they travel on must be removed. This is at the end of the “water-side” crane rail. This trench, or slot, is several hundred feet long. When it rains, it will fill with rainwater and overflow into the bay.

The trench is filled with dirt and concrete debris left over from the demolition and removal of the old rail, so the water will be turbid and have elevated pH. I told the contractor to block the end of the trench before it rains again, using cold patch asphalt or some other method of their choosing.

Because construction erosion and sediment control is about managing rainwater, I always look for ways water can discharge from a project. This is not something that would have been caught in the planning stage of the project.

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