Sheetflow Erosion Control Erosion Control for the CESCL

October 15, 2020

Sediment Trackout Happens

Sediment trackout happens when you back trucks off of the steel plates onto dirt to unload materials. The plan was for trucks to stay on plates, back to the end and dump.

The excavator was to move the materials around the site. There is no tire wash on this project as there isn’t room, so staying on the plates is required and necessary. The trackout is onto the neighbors parking lot, our only site access, and they don’t appreciate dirt ending up in their stormwater swale when the rains come.

Video: David Jenkins-Sheetflow Erosion Control

October 5, 2020

Dirty Rock

If you use dirty rock for the stabilized construction entrance you are going to have sediment trackout.

Video: David Jenkins

October 2, 2020

Excellent Tire Wash

Photo: Troy Modie-Port of Seattle

This here is an excellent tire wash. Why? Because it is long enough for two tire rotations. In addition, quarry spalls are installed at the entrance and exit of the tire wash. To the left of the tire wash, the contractor placed quarry spalls so vehicles entering the project don’t have to drive through the tire wash.

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