Sheet Flow Construction Erosion Control

November 19, 2020

A Rare Beast

Photo: David Jenkins-Sheetflow Erosion Control

Here is a rare beast: a vacuum sweeper with working spray nozzles and nothing dripping out of the back.

This has been such a problem that I included the following language in my erosion control specification:

1.) Vacuum sweepers shall have on-board water spray systems operating at all times.  

2.) Sweeper systems shall function per manufacturer specifications including, but not limited to, water spray systems, blowers, vacuum nozzles, hoses, debris hopper, hydraulics and electrical.

3.) At no time shall debris hopper seals leak debris and/or liquids

August 20, 2020

Vacuum Sweeper Blows

Photo: David Jenkins

This vacuum sweeper blows…dust. The driver is not using water spray nozzles for some reason.

August 11, 2020

Vacuum Sweeper Leaking

Photo: David Jenkins

When the vacuum sweeper is leaking out the back door, what gets picked up just goes back on the ground. This can be caused by many things but I have mostly seen rust holes and failed door gaskets. This sweeper is an Elgin Crosswind.

March 18, 2020

What’s the Point of Sweeping?

Photo: David Jenkins

What’s the point of sweeping? Okay, lets sweep, pick up as much sediment as we can, drive around a whole bunch, re-apply the sediment, drive around some more, pick up the same sediment… job security maybe. This is the result of not maintaining the sweeper. The door gasket is damaged and needs to be replaced. This sweeper also had rust holes in the hopper door. I told the contractor to remove it from the project and don’t return it until it’s fixed.

September 25, 2019

Not What an Inspector Wants to See

I just did a quick, random, drive-by of a job and this is what I as the inspector saw. This might tell me that the construction staff, owner and contractor, don’t understand what is required or, haven’t read the TESC specifications.

Since this was a random, unannounced, drive-by, I might think that this is not an isolated incident. While I prefer a site be kept clean, as long as stuff doesn’t leave the project boundary, I don’t have an issue. However, by not keeping the site clean, trackout is inevitable.

Also, note the Bobcat broom sweeper just inside the fence on the left; these are great for pushing dirt around and up in the air but we only allow vacuum sweepers on projects, so I don’t know why this is on site.

I sent an email to the engineer suggesting that everyone might want to review the TESC spec. and take necessary actions so this doesn’t keep happening. Also, rain is forecast for tonight.

The fence line is the project boundary. Photo: David Jenkins
This is a visible, inspector magnet, just inviting increased scrutiny. Photo: David Jenkins

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