Sheet Flow Construction Erosion Control

January 31, 2020

Water Diversion

Video: David Jenkins

In this video, I show how an asphalt berm can be used to create a water diversion. This is useful for keeping site water inside and clean water out of the project.

December 10, 2017

Extruded Asphalt Curbing

Here is an an example of extruded asphalt curbing being used as a barrier to keep storm water out of the construction area, on the left, and keep site water from flowing outside the project, to the right.

In this case, the non-project water is dirtier because the paving is broken up and equipment is driving through muddy areas. The object of the construction project is to grind existing, poor, asphalt, rebuild the base using the ground asphalt, then lay new asphalt over the top.

This is being done in phases to keep from opening up too much area as this work is being done in winter.

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