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March 21, 2019


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A little about me: I have been in the erosion control profession for something over 25 years, primarily public works, heavy civil construction. I’ve developed policy, programs, taught, written contract specifications, developed contract erosion plans, and inspected, everything from a small electrical duct bank trench to a 600 acre, 20+ million cubic yard fill for a new runway, a 2,000 square foot building demo, to a billion dollar international arrivals hall.

Most of my work has been at a major international airport and a large west coast seaport. Before that, I spent a few years traveling the state, training contractors in the fine points of erosion control.

A little about this website: I started some form of this site in the early 2000’s as a project with my son who was interested in computers, software, gaming, like most kids growing up at that time. My plan was no plan. I just did random stuff at random times. Starting in 2010, I started posting on a more regular basis, more as a journal than anything, so I would remember some of the things I was involved in over a fun and interesting career.

I used to allow comments so that the site would be interactive and I could communicate with folks, learn, share, all of that. I quickly learned that 99.9% of comments were fake, generated by computers. I decided communication was overrated and stopped. ( However, if you do want to make contact you can gmail me: sheetflow @ ).

The majority of the stuff posted is my stuff. Some of the stuff belongs to others as indicated in the posts.

Everything here is share-able, reusable, and free. I don’t advertise and don’t plan to. I believe in the Creative Commons philosophy. So, you may use anything for educational purposes, just give proper attribution to this website.

Thanks, Dave

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