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June 1, 2021

Dust Control-Let’s Clear the Air

PNW Virtual Connection: Dust Control-Let’s Clear the Air

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Hosted by the International Erosion Control Association, the Idaho State Representative and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of IECA

Join the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) for The Pacific Northwest Virtual Connection: Dust Control – Let’s Clear the Air. This event offers two (2) recorded webinars with 2 hours of available Professional Development Hours. No cost for IECA members and $25 USD for nonmembers. Learn from industry leaders as they tackle the tough challenges of soil stabilization and dust control.

Attendees can expect to learn about natural soil stabilizers for the control of dust on roads, mines, and stockpiles as well as controlling dust during typical construction activities such as earthmoving, hauling, cutting, drilling, and asphalt preparation.



Dust Palliatives and ApplicationsMatt Smith, HMI Hamilton Manufacturing, Inc.

Maintaining air quality during construction is difficult. Environments and soil types vary as much as dust palliative products. This presentation will address application practices and product variations to find the right product for your project. Controlling Fugitive DustDerek Aubrey, Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency

Why is fugitive dust an issue and what reasonable precautions can you take to prevent it. What things will a compliance inspector be looking for while observing your site. 


Managing Fugitive Dust from Construction Projects
Dave Jenkins, CPESC, President IECA-PNW Chapter

Fugitive dust from construction activities is a nuisance to neighbors, a hazard to workers and may violate local and state air quality regulations. This presentation, based on the 1997 AGC of Washington and Fugitive Dust Task Force brochure “Guide to Handling Fugitive Dust from Construction Projects”, will cover construction dust sources and how to manage them, including earthmoving, loading, unloading, stockpiling, haul roads, concrete cutting and drilling, sediment track out and other construction “means and methods”.

Notice: After you register for this event, be sure to ‘add to calendar’ either from the content tab or when you receive the confirmation email. You will join the event through this same page in the IECA eHub. If you miss a live event, it will be recorded. 

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