Sheetflow Erosion Control Erosion Control for the CESCL

October 4, 2019

Broken Waterline

Photo: David Jenkins

This is caused by a broken 16 inch waterline. Fortunately, all of the muddy water was contained in a 72″ storm pipe with a valve. Water was then pumped to a Chitosan-enhanced Sand Filtration (CESF) system for treatment to 5 NTUs for discharge to a creek. Knowing this project was going to be constructed over several winter seasons, we specified the CESF system in the contract.

December 30, 2011

Pumping to Dirt Bag Doesn’t Reduce Turbidity of the Water

I know, great name for an erosion and sediment control product, right? Dirt bags work great if you are trying to reduce the total amount of sediment being discharged from a project. But, if you have to reduce the turbidity of the water to meet water quality standards, this won’t do it.


Video: David Jenkins

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