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June 11, 2020

Phasing a Stockpile Project to Prevent Dirty Runoff From Draining to Wetlands

Image: David Jenkins

Phasing a Stockpile Project

Phase 1-

(A) Install silt fences on perimeter and at base of future stockpile.

(B) Clear, grub, grade, construct drainage ditches and temporary stormwater pond including outlet structure and perforated pipe level spreader drains. Grade to drain water away from outer perimeter silt fence and toward ditch.

(C) Hydroseed and install blankets in ditch line.

(D) NOTE: Background stockpile, built later, used an early generation construction stormwater treatment system and discharged to creek instead of level spreaders into vegetation.

Phase 2-

(A) Place and compact fill material to approximately 20 feet of vertical elevation.

(B) Trackwalk and hydroseed slope.

Phase 3-

(A) Same as Phase 2.

(B) Same as Phase 2.

Phase 4-

(A) Place and compact fill material to approximately 20 feet of vertical elevation. Start base of slope 15 feet in from lower fill and grade to drain away from lower slope and to the stormwater pond.

(B) Trackwalk and hydroseed slope.

(C) No hydroseed on top of the pile as material is continually brought in as available.

April 13, 2020

Hydroseeding Around a Fence

Photo: David Jenkins
Photo: David Jenkins

Hydroseed after the fencing is installed. If you don’t, the seed and mulch get trampled by the fence guys and get covered by the dirt excavated from the post holes. Country Green Hydroseeding in Olympia, Washington.

April 1, 2020

Compost Berm

Photo: David Jenkins

We rarely use silt fence on smaller airfield projects because: the work areas are nearly flat, are surrounded by grass or pavement, the work takes a few months, usually in the summer or fall. Compost berms are frequently used to: contain water, divert water, prevent site runoff. A secondary benefit is filtration; there is some turbidity reduction. Lastly, when done,. we spread the compost out over the disturbed soil and hydroseed it, enhancing grass growth and eliminating the waste of land-filling silt fence.

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